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Welcome to Solace Counselling Leicestershire Private Counselling Service and Clinical Supervision

Solace Counselling Services is a professional counselling service for Men and Women. With counselling rooms in Narborough, Market Harborough and Wigston, covering the South Leicestershire area.

Private Counselling enables you to appoint a counsellor of your choice with times that are convenient to you which includes evening or weekend appointments with no waiting list and often same week appointments. You do not need a referral from your GP you can make immediate contact by email or please call: 07734000257

Sometimes problems can become overwhelming, if you feel you are at this point it may be helpful to seek professional support. Looking at the issues you believe are at the root of the problem and talking them through in a calm secure environment may bring a great sense of relief. We will work together to help you feel more able to deal with life’s challenges and improve your well-being.

My main counselling practice is on School Lane in Narborough, Leicestershire, just a few minutes walk from Narborough train station and a short drive from Fosse Park and the motorway network and there is plenty of parking. The practice is easily accessible from many of the smaller villages including; Whetstone, Littlethorpe, Blaby, Aylestone, Lutterworth and Countesthorpe. Nestled down a quiet and charming village lane, Solace Counselling offers a peaceful, confidential sanctuary, a place of safety where you can feel at ease to talk openly in a supportive, relaxed environment.

If you are experiencing difficulties with any of the issues below then you can make immediate contact either by email or phone:

  • Relationship issues
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Bereavement
  • Work related stress
  • Anxiety
  • Affairs and Betrayal
  • Separation and divorce
  • Postnatal depression
  • Low self esteem
  • Abuse

    My background has been varied and my experience and knowledge includes working in schools as a youth worker, in the business sector as a company director and in education as a counselling lecturer, this experience has proven to be invaluable in my counselling work it has enabled me to develop a greater awareness and understanding of issues that affect people of all ages and from all walks of life.

    As your counsellor I will provide a warm, supportive, confidential and safe environment where you are able to explore and gain a better understanding of yourself. Counselling assists you to find solutions to areas in your life that may be troubling you. It can be a great relief to share your worries and fears with someone who acknowledges your feelings and is able to help you develop a clearer understanding of your problems.

    "As a very private person,I don’t readily reveal myself to others but I found I was able to trust Jeanette straight away and shared things with her that I wouldn’t normally disclose. She gives me the impression that nothing would be too shocking or ridiculous or off-key to bring into the light of day. I feel I can safely entrust my feelings to Jeanette and she will help me work through them."

    Relationship Issues
    There are times in all relationships when things don't run smoothly. If you are experiencing problems and are willing to talk honestly and openly to a Counsellor in a confidential environment about what is causing the upset, you may find it will help you to understand yourself better, enable you to put things into perspective and find a way through your difficulties.

    Dealing with a breakup
    The breakup of a relationship can turn your whole life upside down, it is a loss of all the hopes and dreams you had for the future. It can disrupt every aspect of your life, your work, your home, and your friendship groups. Grieving the loss of your relationship and recovering from a painful breakup is a stressful and emotional experience, worrying about what the future might look like can be overwhelming. However, it’s important to know that you can and will move forwards from this experience. Talking through the pain, sadness and despair you may be feeling will take you one step closer to a more hopeful future, we will work to build up your resilience and you will find the strength to move forwards.

    Bereavement Counselling may be able to provide you with support during very difficult times. People have described their loss to me as totally life changing; they feel as though they have lost a part of their own lives which they will never get back. Each person has their own unique way of dealing with grief and their own coping mechanisms, bereaved people are changed by the experience of their loss, they do not necessarily ‘get over it’ however a transformation takes place whereby the bereaved person learns to live again and come to terms with their loss in their own unique way. I will accompany you on that bereavement journey helping you to manage your grief, respecting your thoughts, views and feelings and provide you with the comfort and support needed as you find your own way through.

    Bereavement due to traumatic/sudden death
    I have experience working for a well known charity to deliver resilience building programmes. These programmes have been designed specifically for people bereaved through traumatic circumstances. I can provide those of you who have experienced loss through sudden death with a set of skills to help you cope with stress, negative thoughts, anxiety, panic attacks, sleeplessness and nightmares.

    Depression/Low Mood
    We are all unique complex individuals. Life experiences shape our thought process and as a consequence affect how we relate to others and how we feel about ourselves, depression can affect anyone at any time. People are not always aware or conscious when they are sinking and experiencing feelings unknown to them before. People often use the phrase’ I’m depressed’ to describe how they are feeling about current situations in their life, they may feel unhappy or that life is a burden however if these feelings persist and invade your everyday life early intervention such as counselling can be very effective.

    Couples: Communication
    Do you feel that you listen attentively to what your partner is trying to communicate to you? Do you feel your partner listens sufficiently carefully to what you say? Breakdown in communication is central to all relationship issues; if you feel communication between you and your partner is deteriorating then talking to an experienced third person can help you to learn how to really listen. You may then discover what has caused the blocks in your communication and take the first steps towards improving your relationship.

    Are you struggling with loneliness, feeling exposed, empty and vulnerable? Talking about these feelings, acknowledging that they do exist and that what you are feeling is very real can help to ease the pain, it can help you feel a little lighter and more able to find ways to cope.

    Terminal Illness
    If you've been diagnosed with a terminal illness, strong emotions and feelings can be overwhelming, you may find it helps to talk to a counsellor who is detached from the situation and is trained to listen and help you work through your feelings.

    How can I be of value to you?

    Our first initial meeting lasts for one hour in which a history is taken and you have the opportunity to talk through the difficulties you are experiencing. This allows for me to clearly understand the problems you wish to address and work through. It enables us to ensure that counselling is the best way forward for your needs and that you feel comfortable and trust working with me as your counsellor.

    Counselling is a very personal and private process and the number of sessions required depends on each individual persons needs, we are all unique and therefore our time together is on an open ended basis.

    Sessions are for 1 hour, concessions are available dependent upon individual circumstances and to students on counselling courses. I am available for Daytime, Evening and Weekend Appointments.

    Student counselling courses: Trainee counsellors/Student counsellors normally must undergo a minimum of 10 hours personal therapy, I am therefore willing to negotiate a special fee which may be discussed on application.


    Achieving genuine happiness does not happen with a switch of a button, life is a fluid process, a flowing sea of change, we are always learning moving and growing, one day life may feel like a warm summer breeze and other days can transform into dark stormy seas. Learning how to overcome these fluctuating changes takes time it requires a new way of thinking. Happiness is a process, it requires you to make positive changes, it is achievable and well within your reach. The mind is not rigid it is like clay and can be shaped and remoulded you can create a new life through transforming your ways of thinking and opening the door to new experiences – if you would like to discover where your key to happiness lies and which doors are waiting to be opened in your life contact me and start the process.

    Counselling Leicestershire My counselling practice covers the edge of Leicester and South Leicester area. Counselling Narborough is 2 miles from Fosse Park and the motorway networks and just 5 minutes walk from Narborough train station, it has plenty of parking and is easily reached from the surrounding areas of ; Littlethorpe, Blaby, Aylestone, Glen Parva, Enderby , Whetstone, Broughton Astley, Countesthorpe, LE8, Dunton Bassett and Gilmorton. I also practice counselling in Market Harborough, LE16, close to Kibworth, Great Glen, Oadby, LE2, Knighton, Stoneygate, Fleckney, Shearsby, Arnesby and Husbands Bosworth.

    For further details please feel free to contact me by email or on my mobile: 07734000257

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